Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Night at the Internet Cafe

This is Blog 1 from Dominica

It is wonderful to return and find that some of the things that I left behind are still in place: a picture from a magazine that I had pinned up on the wall, a coffee table centre piece of shells and stones I put together is still there, the TV channel list I had made is still tacked to the side of the TV...and some things never change: the shell of the white car across the street is still resting high in the dumpster, the work men are still yelling "fawk" at each other, and the roosters are still crowing, the mosquitos are still biting.

The trip down was without event. I do think the sewing machine caused some concern and may have been responsible for the "random" search of my luggage, and of me. There was no problem, they were very polite about it all, and I kept quiet and just let it happen. All they took was my toothpaste. I was more concerned about the Dominican immigration and customs, but no incidents there either. The only comment made was by the immigration official who said, "You are going to be here for a long, long time" as he signed the document. Did I detect a whistfulness in his voice? Customs didn't even open anything.

The next mini hurdle was to get to Portsmouth. The person who said he was going to meet me, or send someone, of course didn't. No surprises there. Frankly, I would have been surprised if he had been there. I got a taxi ride with a man whose sister has an apartment to rent, and whose mother and father are connected (his words). He gave me all 3 phone numbers and I will start calling on Monday. So that worked out.

I am in the same room as I was in this winter, and it feels like home. There is a honeymoon couple from St. Lucia staying also. Never see them!!!

I intended to go to the beach today, but I fell asleep and then it got too late. Tomorrow's another day. I tried to get my laptop to run, but the reconditioned battery doesn't hold its charge, and I forgot to pack the plug adapter. I went out on the street and asked around if anyone had an adapter to lend me until Monday. They passed me around until someone found one for me. I am grateful for the music i can play on the laptop, even if (so far) I can't use it for internet stuff.

Everyone is sneezing and sniffing. I am bathing myself in Purell. I figure that keyboard in the internet cafe is a perfect breeding ground. I must find out if this is allergy season, if there is such a thing.

OVER THE RAINBOW: As we were flying over Nevis we flew ABOVE a rainbow. I could hardly believe it. How cool is that!

HEARING VOICES: Sitting on the beach in San Juan in the late afternoon I heard a voice say to me: You have been training for this all your life.

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Taf said...

OVER a rainbow? I've never done that! That is very cool. Could you see down to the pot of gold? Or maybe you're IN the pot of gold now, thus the voices on the beach...