Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Killing the fatted goat and other culinary adventures

On Father's Day, Sono, the boat builder decided he had to "eat a goat", and wouldn't I enjoy that too. I assured him he was welcome to do whatever he felt he had to do, but that I would decline in the preparation of the meal (read slaughter), and maybe even in the consumption. He didn't press the point, and I did accept the dinner invitation. He stewed some of it in papaya, salted some of it, and the rest is in my fridge! This being the land of skinney animals, there was no fat on the meat, but lots of grizzle (ugh), and bone. I did my best. The papaya part was delicious!

I am awash in mangoes, limes and coconut milk, and a soft sweet pear like fruit. There is a 'snackette' in Portsmouth that has really good pizza. Chicken roti is a special treat. Plantain chips and local light beer is how I spend my evenings when Sono and the children come over to watch TV, charge their cell phones and crunch ice cubes.

On my birthday Sono, Lynthia and I baked a heavy butter and egg cake and soaked it in ginger wine. Fabulous.

I'm losing wieght. It's all the walking and sweating I do.

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Taf said...

It was your birthday? Happy Birthday, belatedly!