Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moving and 'Flu

We are going to move. Sono was varnishing 10 chairs on the veranda and Mr. Pedro, the landlord who lives in the basement, had a hissy fit and told us we had to ‘get out’ by month’s end. This came as a surprise to me, but not to Sono. It is true that Pedro has been hostile for the last couple of weeks, but I was overlooking it. It turns out that Pedro has made enemies with everyone around him, no one will deal with him, everyone has banned him. The news traveled fast and our neighbours came with all kind of horror stories. “If he fall down in the street, no man would pick him up.”

However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, every misfortune is a blessing in disguise. We found a fantastic place, just down the road, on a side road. It is huge, bright, veranda all around, and NEW. 2 bathrooms and a second really nice big bedroom for visitors. Yes, it is more expensive, but still within my range. The view is great and there are grapefruit trees that reach up to the veranda. You just have to reach out and pick one.

Meanwhile I have had the ‘flu and it has settled in my chest. It has been a long hot couple of weeks (32 degrees C today) to spend with coughing fits and aching bones. Tylenol 3 and trips to the sea have made it tolerable. I think I am getting better.

I’ll have photos of the new dwelling and surroundings after we move at the end of the month. Here are some if the tables Sono made for a bar in Marigot, near the airport.