Monday, September 19, 2011

A Montreal Misadventure

Today was a perfect early fall day, still green, cool, dry and sunny. I planned to take the number 24 bus all the way east on Sherbrooke Street to the Botanical Garden. I was all ready to go around 1:30 when I had to go down to the basement to put something away first. What I met down there was a strong wet smell and water on the floor in the large back room. There are no mops, buckets, cleaning rags, (cleaning tools of any kind – but that’s another story) in this house. I could only find the home phone number of the property manager. I called and left a message – 3 times. I rummaged around and found his office number, called him and he came over immediately. The water was seriously dripping from the ceiling in this room; all the pipes seemed to converge here. Fortunately his plumber was available and he came right over. By 4 PM he had fixed, temporarily, whatever the problem was. But it is not solved, major plumbing is needed.

It was still nice and warm out so I decided to walk downtown. I could still make a five o’clock movie. It was at the AMC. Now, the last time I was in Montreal, the AMC was on St. Catherine Street beside the Future Shop. I walked quickly and made it in plenty of time – except, of course, the AMC Theater was no longer there. I went into the Future Shop to ask where it was. The girl told me I was standing in it! OK…then I remembered that there was a movie theater at the Eaton Centre so I rushed off there and made it just on time. But that theater was also gone. At this point, I don’t remember how I figured out there was a theater complex in the next mall over, but off I went in search of Scotia Place. I found it eventually after going in circles around the corridors, shops, and boutiques. A nightmare. Shopping in Montreal is horrible. Now I missed the start of the movie, and it was 2 hours before the next showing. Should I hang around, shop, eat? Yes. I went to Reuben’s and had an expensive, not very good smoked meat sandwich (this is another story). I walked around the shops a little, sat outside the theater, went in early and gratefully sank into soft deep seat and had a nap in spite of the million-decibel soundtrack of the pre show trailers.

I saw “The Driver” an excellent movie. If you like dark movies, I recommend it. ,

Sunday, September 11, 2011


So here I am in Montreal for 5 weeks, and working at Ararat Rug and living, alone, at Harold and Jan’s house (my brother and his wife) while they are in Tibet and Mongolia.

I was really worried at the first about working – could I do it? Well, it seems that I can.

I was looking forward to being on my own at H&J’s, but it has become very, very clear that I really don’t like living alone. To be sure, I enjoy my time alone, I treasure those periods when I don’t have people depending on me and when I have time to myself, but to actually live alone – nope – that’s not for me. I like to know that someone is coming home at some point. I find getting up in the morning to an empty house a bit scary!

Montreal is a terrific city. I love it. But it is too inconvenient. I’d always said that if I were to live in a city it would be Montreal, but I’ve changed my mind. I think Ottawa would be it. However, it’s going to be Portsmouth, Dominica, not Ottawa or Montreal.

There are many, many reasons why I am returning to Dominica - but mainly, they are simply more fun - even in their poverty and despair.

The plan is to finish out my stint here in Montreal, go back to Brooke Valley, pack and return to Dominica by the end of October.