Thursday, June 11, 2009


I spent the day renting an apartment! I move on Monday. it is on the outskirts of Portsmouth in a village called Glanvillia. It is a slow 20 minute walk to the centre of Portsmouth, and thankfully not a hilly walk.Then I visited for the day with Phillip's older brother (whose wonderful name is Emmanuel Lambert John), a single father of two teenagers. He is a boat builder and has one in progress in his side yard. In the afternoon I went up the mountain to collect their goats! Then they cooked supper for me, a typical D'can evening meal. The children walked me home, and showed me a short cut through the bush. They will be neighbours and friends. How lucky can I get.

On Wednesday morning the radio news reported that 2 women in Rosseau had a stand-ff and shouting match on the street. One would not let the other pass her on the narrow, crowded street. Sounds like a mundane altercation? NO! NO! As it was explained to me, one should not let a known enemy pass you on the left. There is more to this than I know or understand, but it has something to do with folklore and witch craft. Gotta love it! Apparently this went on for hours.

For those of you following the Sister Clare saga here is the latest. The ball is now firmly in her court, where it belongs. She didn't anwser my 2 calls, and I finally got her on the third and told her I was coming over to deliver copies of THE HUMM to the girls. (see the JUNE issue. When I got to the school I was swarmed by the children. I know that Peter saw me from his classroom. I gave the papers to the girls, had friendly exchanges with a couple of teachers, and the care taker, spoke with Peter's little sister and then was bowled over by Peter hugging and kissing me. He is now taller than I am! I didn't talk to him because he vanished immediately. I said my adieus to Sr. C, left her my phone number and said I'd meet with her at her convenience. She looked tired and haggared and was seriously busy. so....

I am still using the internet cafe but I hope to get that solved next week when the laptop has a permantent home. It will make a wireless connection, no problem, but will not connect with the internet.

Anyhow - I am looking forward to happily sitting on my veranda, with a bottle of ginger wine, my music and my sewing machine!

Love to all...M

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