Monday, June 29, 2009

A Night at the Theater

0n Friday, Lynthia brought home a flyer about a theater prodction to take place in the next village on Saturday evening. She really wanted to go, and it intrigued me , so I agreed to take her. It was to take place at something called “the country club”. I was skeptical, but she seemed to know the place. As it happened we all (Sono, Lynthia, Guyva and me) took a taxi to Bourne. The country club turned out to be a rather nice, large bar, disco, theater compound. The ‘theater’, stage and audience were outside. There were no scenery changes. The sets were excellent.

The play was called “The Shingle House” and was about an abandoned wooden house, now haunted and about to be reclaimed and sold. The plot centered around who the original owner was, the town gossip, rumours, town characters, and general goings-on. It was a lively, funny , and well produced show - really an excellent piece. The audience was totally involved, shouting out advice and baudy remarks to the characters who would in turn consult the audience when some decision needed to be made, or someone did or said something that needed a comment. I had the impression that a lot of it was improvised. Very Elizabethean. Very entertaining. Unfortuneately I only caught ¾ of the dialogue as it was thick with accent, colloquillisms and local history.

A thouroughly enjoyable evening.

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