Saturday, October 25, 2014

Older Ladies

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Here are some little stories for your entertainment.

Yesterday Carol, a Ross U spouse and friend,  had to appear in court for a minor traffic mishap. The proceedings were recorded, by the judge, by hand!  They were asked  to stop every once in awhile so he could catch up!  No tape recorder, never mind a person, other than the judge to write down who said what. This is a true story.

I took a small package to the post office to send to Peter. I had it nicely addressed and sealed for its journey to Canada. The little post office guy demanded that I open it. Why? I questioned. So we can see what is in it. I coolly looked him in the eye (not easy here as they avoid eye contact) and answered, "It is none of your business what is in it. The contents will be listed on the customs sticker.  Its contents are the problem of the receiving post office, not yours." We went back and forth for a bit. The post master got involved and my package went off intact.

Ross University is constructing a large new building.  An American firm is doing the work and have hired  local workers.  Many of these workers have long locks which they pile on top of their head or bind under a kerchief.  There is an issue with how to perch your hard hat on top of your hair.  The American safety officer is insisting the hard hat fit snug to the head, the construction workers are saying, "impossible."  Dominicans are very fussy about their hair.


Muddah                                               Mother
Fahdah                                                 Father
Come awhile                                      come here now
Just now                                              Wait a minute
Irie                                                         Good
Tanks                                                    Thanks
Portsmouf                                          Portsmouth
Fig                                                          Banana
Pear                                                       Avocado
where you be?                                 Where are you?              
I dere wi                                              Right here
Bobul                                                    A corrupt person
Fockeries                                             Foolishness
meg                                                      skinny

Friday, October 3, 2014


Let's talk about being wet, constantly, inextricably, relentlessly wet.  Not damp, or humid, just wet - all the time. It's one's own juices that render one wet all over all the time.  Certainly it rains hard and often and you will get caught on the wrong side of the street where there is no overhang for shelter, but that is not the wet I am talking about.  From that you will dry quickly. The sun will blast forth and dry everything except YOU. I am talking about sweat.  
Your eyeballs sweat and you feel like you are crying; the soles of your feet sweat and you slid off your shoes.  The elastic in your bra rots and your underwear, no matter how scanty is your panty, gets wet and stays wet! The striking sun does not dry your person, it makes it wetter. You may go into a building that is air conditioned only to now be clammy and wet!

I guess they don't call it the rain forest for nothing.

And I would rather be hot and wet than cold and bundled up.

Morne Diable - an active volcano