Friday, June 19, 2009


Today was the hottest yet. I have no idea what the temperature was. I have been trying to buy a thermometer, but there isn't one in Portsmouth. I can understand this because who cares when it is this hot. There also aren't any weather reports, except for those concerning sailors. Fair enough. There are really only 3 levels of weather, hot, hotter and hottest!

this is not a complaint.


SL said...

how colourful your stories are, I sure can hear the roosters.

have you tried to press the little button on the right front of the computer to shut off the wireless connection while you're using the jack internet connection?

some like it hot.

Taf said...

lol There is a certain logic to not really wanting to know the temperature. I remember way back when when Mum took Josh and I to the Dominican Republic. Our first morning there, Mum asked at the reception desk what the temperature was going to be that day. (I jut fixed a run-on sentence, Marian. Are you proud of me? ;-) ) The guy gave her this look like she was crazy. After a few days there we realized why: it's always warm and sunny! lol So yes, who really cares, except us weather-forcast-dependent Canadians?