Saturday, May 15, 2010


I haven't mentioned our constant struggle with insects, large and small, nocturnal and diurnal, flying and crawling. I'm only mentioning it now because I was recently bitten by a small centipede...and it HURT, and the reaction lasted for days.

There are many, but the ones that most concern us are cockroaches, millipedes and centipedes and the ever present teeny, malicious mosquito and sand flea. They are all hideous ugly beasts, especially when they scurry suddenly out from under the bed or the couch. They don't exactly frighten me, but they do disgust me. I never walk around without flip flops on. Sono thought I always wore slippers because I didn't like the cool tile floors!!! Imagine! I love the tiles, which are not cool...I cover my feet because I don't want to inadvertently step on some ghastly bug. I do stomp on them, of course, but by choice. Usually I whack away at them with a broom, or another shoe. When I sit on the couch, I keep my feet tucked up. I seem to have a special attraction and super-duper reaction to the sand flea, which burns rather than itches. Rubbing half a lime on the affected area is soothing.

Sono is ever vigilant and it is rare for a centipede or millipede to get by him. At the instant he even suspects a threat he launches his 6 foot length, can of spray already deployed, asking the offender, "Where you going full speed so?" Then he blasts whatever it well considered squirt for him!

To control the pests we use the ubiquitous mosquito coil, a product called Baygon, Sono's cap and my shoe. Although chickens and lizards abound and eat these creatures, they cannot possibly keep up with the supply.

I was going to put an image of the centipede and millipede in here, but they are way too horrible. If you feel you must see one, come visit me, or go to

By the way, the crickets are as big as cats and as loud as a screeching banshee. The cockroaches are equally huge, but at least they are silent! There are several species of lizards, geckos, and iguanas, all of which are welcome, and innocuous. Land crabs go clicking along the pavement at night seeking a hidey-hole. They say there re lots of snakes around, but I have never seen one.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I just returned from 5 lovely days on Guadeloupe. It is part of France with a Caribbean background. French speaking, good food, friendly people. We stopped briefly at the small islands off Guadeloupe they call The Saintes. Dominica is a 2 hour ferry ride, and we can see Guadeloupe on a clear day from here.