Friday, July 3, 2009

Grade Six Graduation

See, "A Humbling Experience: below.

This morning I was invited to the graduation of the grade 6 class at St. John's Catholic School. It was pouring rain when I set out on the 20 minute walk. I was soaked through before I even got down the stairs. It was worth every drop and was a spirit, heart, mind opener for me.

The grade six class was moving on to secondary school in September. Most of the children had been at St. John since Kindergarten, and most had started out with Sister Clare, who will also be moving on this fall. The ceremonies took place in the RC chruch Hall, just across from the school, in the presence of the Bishop, members of the PTA, the school board, parents, friends, relatives and well wishers. Mrs. Hyacinth was the MC and did a brillant job. Miss Joanne Charles, a former St. J's student gave the key note address and it was a barn-burner of a speech, accompanied by cheers, amens and applause from the audience. There were more speeches, songs and then finally the certificates and prizes were presented to the 28 graduates. Each child was mentioned, each child was praised for their effort, all with equal attention. Devon Brewster, with tears streaming down his face, gave a valedictory speech that would do anyone proud.

This was a very emotional and moving 2 hours. The atmosphere was palable with love and good will, with hopes and dreams and expectations for the future. These children are truly blessed.

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Taf said...

Marian, I'm so sorry we got cut off today :-( We had a power failure, and when we came back on you were gone. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Dominica! Soon I'll be posting from Val Cartier where the REAL adventures is in progress. I leave tomorrow morning at 6 am.