Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glanvillia Beach

I go to the beach everyday around 4 PM and I always take my sketch book and do quick drawings of the children playing in the sea, the fishermen, or whatever is going on. The children often come and ask to see what I am doing. They are quick to offer suggestions and to critique! I have several nice little drawings that they have done in my book.


Trashcan Man said...

You are not missing out on the weather here. That's for sure. Last weekend at the Cambodian picnic I was wearing a cotton shirt, sweater Mountain Equipment raincoat/windbreaker and a scarf! Chowing down on cold picnic food.

This weekend it's going to rain all day Saturday. The mosquitoes are bad and the dog farts like a disgusting old man.

All is well. I love your writing Mom!

Taf said...

It's been the same cool, rainy waether at Val Cartier, but for my part, I'm very glad! When constantly outdoors, I prefer cool weather to constant ebergy-sapping heat. Would be nie to have some beach-time and some rest...