Friday, April 6, 2012

The Garbage Truck

Do you take your garbage pick up for granted? I never will again. It is frightening, anxiety provoking, nervous making when it is 80+F degrees for 10 days and the garbage truck hasn't come to your neighbourhood. It's been seen elsewhere, but not up here.

Anyhow it came today, much to my astonishment because it is "Good Friday" and Dominica closes down for the long Easter holiday. I was so sure it would sit there in the 80+F sun for another 10 days,feeding all the stray dogs and chickens.

The truck couldn't (wouldn't?) turn down to my house. When I heard it I went out and stood over it, hands on hips glaring at the poor over loaded truck. The man came and said he would take mine, he was doing me a favour and would find room. HURRAH! He didn't take Ma Pinney's from across the street. Sometimes it pays to be a white woman!

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