Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's early March, and I know some of you are planning your gardens,ordering seeds, and starting plants indoors.

Here in Dominica there are no real seasons. There are cycles, but you can plant anything any time - as long as it is "in the right moon". You can also plant in anything! Old fridges and plastic pails are often used. Here is a photo of my lettuce bed in a fridge; there are 30 heads of lettuce in this fridge. one cabbage, 2 bunches of parsley and 2 little seasoning pepper trees. The soil is sandy and dark, but it can also be sandy, gravelly and red and is like cement when it dries out. It doesn't seem to matter. 'T-nom is carrying my next bed destined for tomatoes.

Here is a neighbour's back yard garden. The gardens always (to my eyes) look ill kept and haphazard, but they are highly productive! Everything germinates,and grows must be the heat, rain and fertile volcanic soil.

Flowers, herbs and animals at my front door


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Anne and Harold said...

Your garden looks great ! Are you able to grow Sunflowers or Nasturtiams? I know squash grows well in that soil and climate .....ohh I miss my jungle garden!