Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Accident Waiting To Happen

Last night a young man was killed on his motorcycle just where we have the fish stall in front of the gas station. He gunned his motorcycle as he turned left out of the gas station and rammed into an on coming car. He went flying through the air and hit the ground about 100 feet away. This morning his blood was still on the road and running in the gutter.

This was one of those accidents waiting to happen. Completely predictable. No lessons have been learned as today, the motorcycles continue to roar, at top speed, in and out of the gas station.

I think about the woman whom, he struck.

So sad

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The neighbour’s goat had twins – way too cute for words. The low rise building on the other side has outside stairs that go to the roof. These stairs and the little kids were made for each other. The other day the babies were cavorting around and discovered the stairs. They quickly scampered right up to the top. After running around up there for a minute, they wanted to come down, but couldn’t find the stairs. They peeped over the edge and began to bawl. The mother came running. She stood below and encouraged them to come down in an exasperated maternal voice. They did find their way down and nearly knocked each other over in the scramble to get back to mama.

The neighbour also heard the commotion and came and got his goats.

I went up after they came down and took these photos. You can see the chickens in the front yard, Sono playing his guitar, the bread shack on the corner, the neighbour taking his goats home, and the babies peeping over the roof top.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Response to My July 3 Blog Post

Well, it is three months later almost to the day, and I am back in Dominica!

When ‘they’ tell you it is all mind set, ‘they’ are right. Some of the issues in the July 3 blog are still present, but many are no longer relevant. I am much more relaxed, the things that used to bother me don’t seem to matter any more. I am beginning to catch on to the cultural and I have given up trying to understand the language.

One of the major changes has been my living arrangement. I am physically much more comfortable in this little house in the centre of Glanvillia. I am recognized, and accepted. I have satisfying work with good people, I am not so up-tight about finances and can rent a car from time to time, Skype certainly helps, I enjoy talking to Anthony and Nick every week and I have the CBC on non-stop.

But mostly I believe my increased comfort is due to my outlook. This is where I am, I like it. I miss my friends and family and some foods, and some familiar culture, but I am happy enough.

I'll go back to Ottawa in July for a couple of months.