Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Accident Waiting To Happen

Last night a young man was killed on his motorcycle just where we have the fish stall in front of the gas station. He gunned his motorcycle as he turned left out of the gas station and rammed into an on coming car. He went flying through the air and hit the ground about 100 feet away. This morning his blood was still on the road and running in the gutter.

This was one of those accidents waiting to happen. Completely predictable. No lessons have been learned as today, the motorcycles continue to roar, at top speed, in and out of the gas station.

I think about the woman whom, he struck.

So sad


Frederick said...

It certainly is sad. Especially the nothing learned part. What an alien place!

Taf said...

:-( I'm with Frederick - the worst thing is that nothing was learned.