Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Response to My July 3 Blog Post

Well, it is three months later almost to the day, and I am back in Dominica!

When ‘they’ tell you it is all mind set, ‘they’ are right. Some of the issues in the July 3 blog are still present, but many are no longer relevant. I am much more relaxed, the things that used to bother me don’t seem to matter any more. I am beginning to catch on to the cultural and I have given up trying to understand the language.

One of the major changes has been my living arrangement. I am physically much more comfortable in this little house in the centre of Glanvillia. I am recognized, and accepted. I have satisfying work with good people, I am not so up-tight about finances and can rent a car from time to time, Skype certainly helps, I enjoy talking to Anthony and Nick every week and I have the CBC on non-stop.

But mostly I believe my increased comfort is due to my outlook. This is where I am, I like it. I miss my friends and family and some foods, and some familiar culture, but I am happy enough.

I'll go back to Ottawa in July for a couple of months.

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