Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Freezing

Well, I'm back. I am trying not to obess on D'ca. I can see it all so clearly; I can see my friends, I can see the Indian River men, Purple Turtle Beach, the houses along the way, I can hear the roosters crowing, and the music. I have to think of a way to stay there for longer and twice a year. It's this end that is the problem, not the Dominican end. And of course , money. But there must be a way.

The trip home was long, but no problems. I met a man on the plane who is some how involved in a resort project in Rosalie Bay, which is on the Atlantic side. He said he'd keep in touch and put me in touch with the woman who is financing the project. See I'm not counting on anything, but I'll take all the contacts I can. Plus there is Phillip's unique souvenir booth at Indian River.

The snow is mostly gone, the sun is shinning and it is above freezing. It is all too perfect here, clean, functioning, healthy, quiet, straight, stable, and predictable. No people calling out to each other, no people honking their car horns at each other in greeting, no people standing around chatting...NO one to talk to, to dance with, sit on the beach with, share with - it's painful.


Taf said...

I've heard that, that the culture shock is often more difficult upon the return, not in the new place as much. We are certainly bleak by comparison to the lush colors of Dominica. Are there new networks to get involved in? Or to start? My mum is just back from Uganda, and I think she's suffering from the same withdrawal (and cold!)...

Marian said...

Did your Mom blog her Uganda trip?