Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Green Dominican Flag

Dominica, like any rainforest is lush and green, but definitely not green in environmental terms. If any reader here has even a flash of environmental awareness or concern, they had better not come to D'ca because they will freak out! There is no recycling of plastic. There is no commitment to reuse, I can't figure out the garbage collection system here in Portsmouth. On garbage pickup days they seem to strew more around than they pick up. The only thing that is recycled is scrap metal, and that they ship off to Germany. There are piles of rusting cars, wires, cans, barrels, steel sheets lying around, not to mention the 3 hulking ship carcasses washed up in the 1994 hurricane just rotting away on the shores. You get the idea...I won't go on and on.

On the other hand, Dominica might bee the only third world coountry that feeds itself. It is so lush, fertile and humid, you can truly just drop any seed anywhere and it will germinate - this includes the piles of rusting metal! Yah Mon! Mangoes everywhere, pineapple grows in here and there. Want a banana? No problem. D'ca has 365 fresh water rivers and you can drink from the tap.

More later...

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