Monday, February 3, 2014


The community is bereft and on its knees.  Two young fishermen, brothers, have been missing since Saturday, February 1.  I have been around when other fishermen have gone missing, but this is especially poignant as they were young, popular, from a well known fishing family.  Their sister runs a bar just opposite the fish market, their mother is also a local shop owner.  Their father is a respected fisherman.

Nothing has been seen.   The coast guard, the helicopters, the other fishermen, even sailors on their yachts have searched and are continuing to search, but not a trace.  It is said that they went out to place a FAD so they had a very heavy load on board.  The wind was high.  The speculation is that when they tried to throw the heavy load overboard they capsized and sank.  If the boat went adrift it would have been seen or washed up by now. 

Sono is out there with them and will look after them.

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