Sunday, December 2, 2012


 It's raining on land, but not at sea

 Guadeloupe in the distance


In my several years here in Dominica I have gone out many times to fish with Sono.  I enjoy the boat ride along the coast, watching the sky, waving to the other fishermen out there, seeing the yachts in full sail, watching the frigate birds, but I do not understand the excitement of actually snagging a fish.  Take today for example. The weather was fine, the sea was calm.  We went way out, and after 2 hours bouncing up and down on the waves, we caught 2 little 2 pound tuna. Sono was thrilled.  Frankly, I would have preferred that they stayed in the sea where they belong.    We ate one for supper. 

The afternoon was well worth the price of the tank of gas. 

Coming in at sunset


ann said...

keep on blogging. enjoy seeing and hearing what you're up to. Ann

ann said...
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Anne and Harold said...

how is the arm now? hope you are both well....