Saturday, January 30, 2010


OK-So I'm back

The trip down was 100% uneventful, much to my delighted surprise. No problem at Immigration, no problem at Customs. USA airport security was slow, as predicted, but I had followed the rules about carry-on luggage so I was not held up. My stowed luggage was grossly overweight and I paid dearly for that.

By this week I will have all papers and letters in place and ready to apply for residency. This will NOT be permanent status -you need 5 years as a resident for that - but it will give me the freedom to come and go when I want, and to apply for a work permit should I want to. I expect this to be a huge, slow bureaucratic process, this being Dominica.

I am dragging my feet a little on the land purchase/house building dream. I feel I don't want or need to rush into anything so final and permanent. No, I am not having second thoughts. I just don't feel pushed or rushed as I did earlier. I don't know why. I also believe that in time the right opportunity will reveal itself. What a relief.

The weather has been balmy, cool for here, (i.e. @25 degrees C), very windy).

I have been to CALLS to schedule a teaching day, and went across the street to St.John's School. It was closed for yet another holiday. I'll give them half a day to start.

More later...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It’s been far too long, so much has happened, so much is yet to happen.

In early December, I returned to Brooke Valley for Christmas and New Year, to see friends and family, to put together the needed papers for an application for permanent residency in Dominica, and to collect some items that would make life easier in D/ca. I have everything together now, and I am ready to return to the Caribbean. My intention, as I have said, is to make a life there.

My time back here has helped to answer some questions, clarify some hopes and dreams and confirm some ideas. I know what I will miss. I know who I will miss. I know what I am leaving. I am sure that I am going back to D/ca with no romantic fantasies, but rather with some dreams that are possible to realize, and with much anticipation. I know what the trade-offs are. If, however, this whole venture falls apart, I know what the consequences are, and I am willing to risk it. I believe that the risk is small and absolutely worth it. I also know what the consequences are if I don’t go. Clearly, I cannot live in BV any longer.

I am entering this new life with no regrets. If I don’t go, I will regret it.

January 19, 2010 is my return date and I can hardly bear the wait….