Saturday, January 30, 2010


OK-So I'm back

The trip down was 100% uneventful, much to my delighted surprise. No problem at Immigration, no problem at Customs. USA airport security was slow, as predicted, but I had followed the rules about carry-on luggage so I was not held up. My stowed luggage was grossly overweight and I paid dearly for that.

By this week I will have all papers and letters in place and ready to apply for residency. This will NOT be permanent status -you need 5 years as a resident for that - but it will give me the freedom to come and go when I want, and to apply for a work permit should I want to. I expect this to be a huge, slow bureaucratic process, this being Dominica.

I am dragging my feet a little on the land purchase/house building dream. I feel I don't want or need to rush into anything so final and permanent. No, I am not having second thoughts. I just don't feel pushed or rushed as I did earlier. I don't know why. I also believe that in time the right opportunity will reveal itself. What a relief.

The weather has been balmy, cool for here, (i.e. @25 degrees C), very windy).

I have been to CALLS to schedule a teaching day, and went across the street to St.John's School. It was closed for yet another holiday. I'll give them half a day to start.

More later...

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