Saturday, July 3, 2010


How do I feel about returning to Canada?

Apprehensive and unsure would describe it.

My immediate family, Hans in particular, and friends have been more than lenient with my moods, vagaries, and eccentricities. My friends have been amazingly undeerstanding and supportive.

I am not finished! I will require more patience from family and friends.

I do not know where I will live
I do not know where I WANT to live
I do not know what I want
I do not know how to figure this out
I am embarassed to have these existential problems at my age
I am afraind of making the wrong choice

I will badly miss my Dominican family, and especially Sono.

And that about covers it

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Peter said...

What makes a choice "wrong"? or "right" for that matter. Wrongness and rightness are value judgements imposed by others and of course ourselves. If we can ascertain what would make any given choice right or wrong for ourself, would we make 'better' choices?

anyhow we are looking forward to your return and what ever that may bring.