Monday, August 3, 2009

Laundry Day

Guyva and Lynthia stopped by to tell me they were going to the river to do some laundry and to ask if I would like to go. Of course I would like to go, so off we went, stopping at the shop to buy some washing powder and bleach. We carried the pails and bags of laundry for about 1/2 a mile to the Picard River. What a delight to find a cool, shaded, bubbling, shallow, fast running river. It's shaded banks and rocky, verdant shore, clear, cool, and fresh, reminded me of home. It also rained off and on while the sun continued to shine.

The walk home was somewhat different! I hadn't calculated in the weight of the laundry, heavy now because it was wet. The day had advanced, so now it was also HOT. It was well worth it, and I will go back to the Picard just to sit in it's sheltered pools of refreshing sweet water.


nancyvsont said...

What is your address? I will send you some of my biodegradable homemade soap!

I learned to wash clothes in the streams in Jamaica, rubbing them against the back of my fingers with the whole garmet held in it and in the other fist.

Laying them out on the grass is supposed to bleach them. Will you just spend the day there waiting for them to dry next time? I would.

nancyvsont said...

The mosquitoes are fierce today. 27C, mostly sunny with little clouds drifting by. A bit humid.

NancyToday said...

Oh my, your hair looks Gorgeous! You look so real! I love it. Nice and curly, too. Beautiful!