Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Chapter

I woke up with a pounding headache and vowing not to spend this cold, dark April day ruminating. A cup of coffee helped subdue the pain in my head, and instead of doing 20 minutes of meditation practice, I went back to bed with a book and the dog.

Lying in bed I risk a peek inside my head and I am met with a crazed swirl of images, colours, forms, names of people, snippets of thought, plans, wishes, dialogue. In an effort to impose some order on this I decide to put it all into categories, and I immediately fall asleep!

With a nod to Goenka and my vipassana friends who tell me that concentrating on my breathing will cure my monkey mind maddness, I wake up and attempt to 'meditate'. It just doesn't happen, and furthermore I don't really care. I am satisfied that I can breath and feel no need to watch it. So that's it, I get up and head into my day doing things I like to do.

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SL said...

meditation for me calls for relaxation first, otherwise I create stories with my observations of my breath - galloping horses going to the barn or crawling worms looking for a way out of soil...

I envy your ability to remember your favorite books, same with music. I enjoy them all but have a case of missing part of the brain that erases names. I will remember for ever the colors and smells and sounds and shapes but no names to be found.

we're keeping a ball of rubber bands, we'll never use them for sure. I bet if all of us would collect them and give them to you for the school in Dominica, they'd have enough for years to come.