Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sinns’ Post Christmas Post - as told by Alfie!

My name is Alfie. I am a West Highland Terrier. I came to live with the Sinns’ in September. At first I was lonely for all my brothers and sisters, but soon I saw that there was as much noise and hubbub and coming and going here as in the kennel where I was born .

One of the sources of activity is Samantha, after all she is 18. She is still trying to drag herself through high school but it seems to be a struggle. She’ll do it, but it will be on her timetable, not anybody else’s. Sam is living at ‘The Little House” which is a 2 room cottage just a short trot up the path.

Marian was just saying the other day how much she loved the studio she shared with her printmaking friend over the summer. That must have closed because she is doing her cards and artwork at home (again). Although, it seems to me that not too much of that has been going on lately as she is not at home a whole lot. She did make 200 greeting cards for the Christmas season to sell at craft fairs and galleries. That was fun! Scraps and bits of paper all over the place. Now she is knitting. Equally as much fun and mischief as I get her yarn all muddled up. I hear her talking about returning to Dominica mid February to mid March to do volunteer teaching at the school in Portsmouth.

Hans is a great guy. He calls me ALL-FEE! He is at his computer all day every day, but when he has to shovel snow or bring in the wood, he always calls me to help. I am happy to do this. Right now he is working on the conference taking place in Ottawa early February on “Women and Peace”. He is pleased with the way the project to professionalise peace work is progressing. I have heard him lament from time to time that his plan to bring basic literacy to Afghani women via the radio is not picking up steam. Even I have to wonder why. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

When we go to visit Anthony, Neary, Cecilia and Carolyn, and their little doggie, a mini-Dachund they call Pluto, I to go too and harass Pluto. They are all doing very well. Neary was in Cambodia for a few weeks with her parents for a wedding which she arranged, and which went off splendidly.

Nick came home for 10 days over Christmas. I overheard several conversations about his situation in Abbotsford B.C. with his landscape work, and making a life for himself there. He loves his work, he is happy to be the foreman and have his crew to develop. He spent a lot of good time with Samantha.

You can look for Samantha and Marian on Facebook. You can find Hans at civilianpeaceservice.com or hans1nn@xplornet.com

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