Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer 2008

I know, I know, it's only mid August, but it is beginning to sound like fall, i.e. crickets, cicades, bluejays squawking.

Not the greatest summer I've ever had: too much rain, and not ever really hot a la eastern Ontario, worrying about Samantha, and now Tony and Sam are unhappy and are breaking up. At least, so far, they are not doing so in anger, but they are in pain.

There have been several really good things happen for me, too, though, and not the least of which is that I am healthy! I have met and become good friends with Susan Quipp, I have reconnected with an old dear friend, Gayla Freitag, and I have had the use of Susan's studio. That'll be over in a couple of weeks ( lease problems) and we simply cannot afford any other space in Perth. This story isn't over yet, though. There are several other factors that are yet to be resolved.

I've also started going up to the MacDonald's Corners farmer's market at M.E.R.A. (see on Saturday mornings and selling my OOAK greeting cards. I know most of the people up there, it is very friendly and stressless (except for the early morning).

And by-the-way, I am not going to the Montreal World Fim Festival this year, what a relief! this is the first time in many years.

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