Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going West With Samantha

We went to visit Nick for a couple of days. The actual travel was a piece of cake. WestJet is easy, and Budget rent-a-car is also easy. My travel companion, i.e. Sam, was hard work. Nick is fine, nice apartment, and he is enjoying his job and his new computer.

I had a terrific day with 2 "cousins", Jennifer and Heather, and I feel like I have 2 good friends there. I would go to visit them any time. Abbotsford, however doesn't really exist. It is a huge mall surrounded by little malls surrounded by houses! The area, the lower Fraser Valley is the market garden of the province; low, flat, fertile surrounded by mighty mountains. When you look up to the nearest mountains you see a swath of clear cutting along it with new, monster houses on the march across the clear cut.

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